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EPS Develops 14 Color Catheter Printer

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Engineered Printing Solutions, East Dorset, Vermont, has developed a 14-color KE13 servo driven circumferential catheter printer.

Engineered Printing Solutions, East Dorset, Vermont, has been working closely with medical device manufacturers and their outsourcing partners in developing new custom automation techniques for difficult-to-mark medical implements. Its most recent medical advancement is a 14-color KE13 servo-driven circumferential catheter printer.

The engineering team re-designed a standard KE13 pad printer with both Y- and Z- axes servo drives. The Z-axis servo (vertical stroke) allows for various diameter tube sizes to be programmed along with the appropriate stroke depth. Compression capability allows for compression of two linear pads in access of 1,000mm long. The pads fan out pneumatically allowing for sufficient spacing between each pad to accommodate possible pick up of 13 colors.

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