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Trinetics Group Introduces Infrared Plastic Bench Welder

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A new infrared plastic bench welder from the Trinetics Group, Melbourne, FL, enables very intricate plastic components to bond with cooler, safer and energy-efficient non-contact welds.

The model 8050 Infrared Non-Contact Fusion Plastic Welding System can be plugged into a normal 120V outlet, heats up in one minute and the array does not need to be cleaned. The unitís patented infrared technology bonds and seals two thermoplastic parts by bringing the joints together under pressure. The process produces a strong and reliable hermetic seal. It also features a compact footprint, with exterior dimensions of about 23" wide by 28" deep and 32" high, and a touch pad interface.

For more information, call 321.383.3456 or visit www.TrineticsGroup.com.