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TYKMA Offers Laser System Rentals, Leases

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TYKMA, a Chillicothe, OH-based manufacturer of industrial laser marking systems, offers rental and leasing programs for the Minilase™ or Zetalase™ industrial lasers for companies with short-term projects or those wanting to test drive the systems.

The maintenance-free Minilase Manual and Minilase come fully assembled and ready to mark. Minilase Manual features a front manual sliding operator access door and manual focus adjustment. Minilase features a three-sided automatic power operator access door and power focus adjustment. Easy Mode™ allows for high volume batch marking with automated door close, marking and door open sequence. The Zetalase system is an air-cooled, maintenance-free desktop laser that operates on 115-220VAC for low power consumption.

For more information, call 740.779.9918 or visit www.permanentmarking.com.