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Pad Print Machinery or Vermont, East Dorset, VT, has upgraded the EAZY INKPRINT Series of pad printers that are ideal for tagless labeling and general print production.

Available in three configurations (EAZY 90/130/160) the economical and easy-to-use pad printers now are available in both one- and two-color configurations and include a pad shuttle. The pad shuttle or "RR" feature, allows the part to remain stationary while the pads move side-to-side for exact print registration on a multicolor application. The pneumatic operation guarantees printing uniformity and the sealed inking system enables color changes to be made quickly. The simple-to-use control panel allows the operator to set speed, pickup and print strokes, continuous and/or single cycle and more.

For more information, call 800-272-7764 visit www.padprintmachinery.com.