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Tech Watch: Branson Ultrasonics

Branson's GVX Series of Vibration Welders

by Brittany Willes

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Branson's GVX Series of Vibration Welders

Branson Ultrasonics, a business of Emerson, Danbury, Connecticut, recently has unveiled its newest series of non-ultrasonic vibration welders, the GVX series. The series of welders is set to be launched on a global platform, providing uniform machinery to clients around the world.

Featuring a user-friendly Human Machine Interface, the GVX contains an industrial PC with improved sequence editor, intuitive navigation and enhanced screen display. According to JP Kurpiewski, Bransonís director of global product management, the PC is "very rugged for the industrial setting. It is IP-rated with solid state memory. It uses proven technology, but now is more colorful, easier to see and easier to program." The interactive touchscreen displays icons which are globally recognizable, with codes for individual users to access different parts of the software. "Overall, the system is more visual, more intuitive," Kurpiewski asserted. "We listened to our customers and their needs, and this is something we heard coming from a lot of them."

The integrated safety system is enhanced with a programmable safety controller. Additional safety features, designed for user comfort and efficiency, include front door and lift table movement, emergency stop button, safety limit switches on front and rear doors, pneumatic tool function and a safety strip.

"It goes beyond safety," said Kurpiewski. "We wanted to design this for the user. For instance, Branson engineers have gone to great lengths for sound materials in order to reduce the level of noise. Current global standards for noise emissions is 80 decibels. Our engineers have reduced measured noise levels by 50 percent. Thatís significantly less sound energy being exposed to the user."

The new series platform has a larger lift table, providing a greater working area while still offering a smaller footprint than traditional large-part vibration welders. Furthermore, the GVX series is equipped with Bransonís infrared pre-heating feature, enabling clean welds essentially free of particulates, angel hair or other visible contaminants.

The team focused on improving weld quality and consistency by designing closed loop measurement systems. Keeping with the companyís efficiency efforts, the new GVX series features PC-controlled servo drive. "Moving to the servos results in less maintenance," stated Kurpiewski. "There are fewer moving parts, no hydraulics and no hydraulic oils, which mean less mess and fewer spills." As a result, GVX welders put forth a more energy-efficient operation that requires less maintenance and downtime. "Even just saving a few seconds or minutes can mean a major shift in revenue for our customers," he added.

Technical details

The GVX series operates supporting high-speed, automated applications. The drive system consists of a Branson frequency inverter. The drive is rated at 30kW. The lift table drive features a servo motor with drive chain mechanism. Lift table velocity ranges from 0-500mm/s with a maximum clamp force of 25kN.

The industrial PC user interface is operated via 12-inch color touchscreen display. Screen resolution is 1024x768. Machine logic/internal communications have been developed using Bransonís logic control system. Pneumatic connections are 1/2", electrical connection is 5x16mm2.

The welder features an oscillating head with peak-to-peak amplitude of 0.7–1.8mm. Tooling weight is between 35–65kg. Frequency, depending on tooling weight, is approximately 240Hz. Noise emission is rated at 77dB(A), over a cycle. Overall dimensions are 2,340x2,730x1,300 (2,280 CVT) mm. Sound enclosure dimension are 2,340x2,220x1,130 (2,280 CVT) mm. Approximate weight is 4,500kg.